Speaker Bios

Riva Lehrer, The Pt Barnum of the Mind (Cat’s Cradle) (detail), 2008. Charcoal and mixed media on paper, 30 x 44 inches. Image courtesy of Lawrence Weschler.
 Blaise Aguera y Arcas, Inventor of Photosynth and currently with Machine Intelligence, Google, Inc.  | read full bio 
 Ash Armenta, Tamarind Master Printer  read full bio
 Michael Benson, Artist, space probe imagery curator, and author (Beyond, Cosmigraphics, A Space Odyssey)  read full bio
 Lauren Bon, Lauren Bon, Artist working in social practice, Founding Artist Metabolic Studio and its Optics Division, Los Angeles | read full bio
 Greg Cajete, Director/Associate Professor Native American Studies, The University of New Mexico | read full bio
 Beth Campbell, New York-based artist whose art focuses on complex decision trees | read full bio
Agnes Chavez  Agnes Chavez, Taos-based artist and currently serving as Artistic Director to design a permanent installation visualizing data from the Large Hadron Collider , CERN, Switzerland
| read full bio
 Deborah Coombs, award-winning stained glass artist   | read full bio
 Luke DuBois, Co-Director/Associate Professor, Integrated Digital Media, New York University  | read full bio
Tristan Duke, Artist, inventor, and pioneer in the field of hand-drawn holography; founder, Infinity Light Science; founding member, Optics Division of the Metabolic Studio, Los Angeles  | read full bio
Elizabeth East, Director, L.A. Louver, Los Angeles | read full bio
 Sharon Glotzer, Department Chair, Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan | read full bio
Ramiro Gomez | Painter addressing issues of immigration and making visible the “invisible” labor forces read full bio
David Krakauer, President and Professor of Complex Systems, Santa Fe Institute | read full bio
Robert Krulwich, NPR correspondent and cofounder, Radiolab | read full bio
Walter Murch, Film and sound editor (Godfather films, Apocalypse Now, English Patient), all-around polymath | read full bio
 Richard Nielsen, Artist, photographer and printmaker; founder, Untitled Prints and Editions, Los Angeles; founding member, Optics Division of the Metabolic Studio, Los Angeles  | read full bio
Trevor and Ryan Oakes, “The Perspective Twins,” artists and inventors of novel drafting techniques | read full bios
Andrea Polli, Social Media Workgroup, The University of New Mexico Center for Advanced Research ComputingAndrea Polli | read full bio
Carl Schoonover, Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Axel Laboratory, Columbia University | read full bio
Matthew Shlian, Paper engineer/Designer, regular collaborator at the University of Michigan | read full bio
Joseph Traugott, Independent curator and writer, and Board of Directors member, Frederick Hammersley Foundation | read full bio
Alex Webb, Assistant Professor and Chair, Computational Ecologies, The University of New Mexico | read full bio
Margaret Wertheim, writer, artist and curator whose work focuses on relations between science and the wider cultural landscape. She is the author of six books, including Pythagoras Trousers | read full bio
Lawrence Weschler, Author and director emeritus, New York Institute for the Humanities at New York University | read full bio